Very Hot IT Show Girl in Singapore

Posted by JoyceL | Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girls who has E-cup are usually lacking of something in the face but look at her following photos which was taken at in IT show in Singapore, I'm completely speechless. You can just look at her by yourself...

From her back you can see how truly sexy and hot her body is...

I wonder if guys have a friend like her, would you guys still faithful to you wife or girl friend?

I like her lips and it is kind of special. I don't know what it calls for that kind of lips, do you?

Now, you see the full body of her so you don't need to imagine of her full body now. :)

I think she was trying to act innocent but I don't think her look is really the innocent type. However giving this post, the cup is very clear...

Oh boy, this photo. I have to say the photographer did a very good job. Well done!

Source: IT Show Girl in Singapore.

Her full name is Jess Shum Chuek Ying (沈卓盈). I know her from the D.I.E – 古靈精探 Hong Kong series show. She is acting as Icy sister in the show and what really catch my attention is her dance. Let's see for yourself:

Well, you know I like tall ladies and she meets my requirement. Here are some of the nice photos of her:

The following 4 pictures of her which I found the most sexiest to be shared with you all. Enjoy!

P/S: Her Wikipedia Profile: Jess Shum and you can also visit her TVB blog.