Indonesia really has a lot of “Leng Lui” (i.e. pretty girls), don’t you think so? Also, most of them are quite open minded too or perhaps I should say, I don’t expect they’re that quite open minded.

Basically, you can talk with them any topics and most importantly, they’re nice too. One think I notice is there quite a lot of talented people too from Indonesia.

Nia Ramadhani (also known as Prianti Nur Ramadhani) is an Indonesian actress and singer. She was born in April 16, 1990 and started to be actress since she was 15 years old. Wow, so young!

She married in April 2010 with the son of Indonesia’s well known politician and entrepreneur.  Well, rich! rich! rich! rich!  So nice, one day I could be very rich too! No worries on Money, no worries on my career path, no worries on family stuff!!!

This kind of cloth, really turn me on! So sexy~~~ Love this kind of dress! So enjoy the last picture...

P/S: Her wikipedia profile here: Nia Ramadhani

Malaysian should know about her either from ASTRO AEC or the MY FM radio. She was graduated with a Diploma in Media Studies from TAR college.

Well, she is very thin I would say. As thin as Sun Yan Zi and not bad doing a modelling too. She have an nice thin leg too…

I feel this picture is sexy or many is horny. lol!!! I think she is just tired perhaps. :D Sometimes I feel like she looks like Cecilia Cheung from Hong Kong. Do you?

Surprisingly, there is no wiki profile that talks about her. Perhaps she is not famous enough as compare to other actress. For the FAN of Mei Yan, I think you guys should start driving for it to create one for her in wikipedia!!!

Is she sexy? Not really, right? Is She pretty? Yes, I guess so. How about her body? I think it is okay but definitatley there are  better ones. Nevertheless, I still love her very much!!! Enjoy…

Source: All pictures here are owned by Gan Mei Yan

This "Love and Other Drugs" film was introduced by my dear when I visited China. Since we have nothing to do, so we decided to purchase a DVD and watched at home.

After watching this movie, I only have one thing in mind, who is the girl act as Maggie Murdock in the movie? lol Honestly, I totally forgot the story line of this movie.

The only thing that I can I remember this movie contains sex scenes. lol... So please don't watch it if you're under age!

The actress in this movie is "Anne Hathaway"! Trust me, her body is totally awesome. But only if you can watch the movie, you can feel it! :)So go and buy the DVD...

Her full name is Anne Jackqueline Hathaway and born in 1982, New York. Apparently she is also acting in "Alice in Wonderland" - a child movie for me, so I didn't watch it. Kakaka...

You know what, I hate her especially when she makes a thick and unnatural make up. Actually I hate every girls who make a thick make up. It is kind of stupid. Anway, I hope you like all her photos here which are specifically selected by me.

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Anne Hathaway.