Her full name is Ana Maria Adorno-Rivera Hana Hwang – wow! Such a long name, no wonder it has been shorten to “Ana R.”

She is mixed between Korean and Pueto Rican and born in Texas, US. She was then move to Florida and now currently base in Hong Kong.

Well if you ask me what I like about her? I would say I like her leg and if you like skinny girls, probably you will like her too.

I know her when I was watching the HK music award show in the TV few weeks ago. :D 2 of them look so similar, like twins.The one one the left is Lisa S, another top model in Hong Kong. She is on the right.

Well, she is also the Hong Kong Wacoal Bra Model. Check it out! I love these 2 pictures the most. See carefully for the second picture, what do you see?

P/S: Her wikpedia profile in Chinese: Ana R.

I'm watching a TV travelling program called "世界那麼大" - translated to English is "The World is So Big" and I found this lady who I really like. Apparently, her name is Sakura and her Chinese name is 陳櫻文. This is what make me wants to keep watching this program!

How? What do you think?  I don't know but I just like watching her.

Her nickname is called "worldsakura" in her blog. Try to search around, you will find her blog and you can browse more photos of her there! :) I love the following picture of her the most! So natural...

She is from Taipei, Taiwan and born in 1981. :) Is she sexy? Not really right? But somehow I like to watch her. I tought I only like to watch sexy lady but apparently not all the time. Kakaka...

You know what, the saddest thing is I found out she is pregnant! What the heck? Who is the damn lucky guy? Why you make her pregnant?! Sad, sad, sad...

P/S: Her wikipedia profile in Chinese: Sakura(陳櫻文)