Amber Chia Model from Ipoh - Malaysia

Posted by JoyceL | Monday, December 27, 2010

Well, I still remembered when I first met her person in real was in Penang when she was eating in a restaurant called "Bukit Genting". It is on the way to "Balik Pulau" and this restaurant is on top of the hill. Nice view anyway! :)

That was the first time I started to like her. I'm not sure why, I prefer to see her real person rather than her photographs. Maybe I think she is more prettier in real. I think so...

Oh, I know why. I almost forgot. I love tall lady!!! :) and thin too perhaps.

Amber Chia (谢丽萍) was born in Ipoh and brought up in Tawau, Sabah. I wonder if I have met her before because I studied there before. Kakaka....

How nice if my girl friend can wear like this? :) I really like this costume! Can you believe this picture was taken just after she gave birth?

Somehow I find that she is sexy and hot while pregnant too. Enjoy watching and I love her face without make up too. Wish you have a happy life forever!

P/S: Her wikipedia profile is here and all photographs here are owned by Amber Chia.

Tina Yuzuki AV Model from Japan

Posted by JoyceL | Sunday, December 12, 2010

One of my facebook friends liked a page, so I took a look on what page that she liked and you know what it is an AV model Tina Yuzuki. So I browsed around her photo and I decided to share with you guys here. Yes, she is up to my standard.

Somehow the AV models that I like are usually hybrid such as Maria Ozawa. Tina Yuzuki is hybrid too between Japanese (father) and Portuguese (mother).

She also known as Rio, Tina Sodeki, Tina Sodegi and Tina Kashiwagi in the AV movies. Hahaha... Well, you can search for those video if you really interested. :)

Her measurement is 84-53-83, C-cup! :) She borns in Tokyo, Japan. She is really nice, sexy and hot! :)

She has her own personal blog but is written in Japanese language. You can check out the external links from her wikipedia profile.

Hehehe... sexy skirt!

She has a facebook account too named "Rio Tina Yuzuki". You can add her if you wish and I hope that is her real profile.

Funny, not sure why is wet there. Hahaha... Well, hope you like all these photographs! :)

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Tina Yuzuki

Demi 千又 from Taiwan

Posted by JoyceL | Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Demi Moore? Hahaha... I found her randomly and I think I like her but she is not Demi Moore of course. :)

Her nick name in Chinese is 千又 and I don't know her real name. Perhaps you can go ask her yourself! Hahaha...

Well, all these photos are when she just turns into 18. So nice, still young! I wish I could back to the future and become young again!

I rate her 7/10 or maybe 7.5. Hahaha... What do you think? Honestly, there are lot of pretty hot and sexy girls in Taiwan. I really like to watch them.

But for her first picture, I rate 8.5. The this last photo is 8.0! Wuakakaka...

P/S: All photos here are owned by 千又 (account no longer valid).

It has been quite sometime I didn't  post any really very really hot ladies photo and today is your lucky day. I hope your nose won't bleeding after watching these photos.

You know what? I really enjoying watching her post and her body. She is just perfect! Anyone who can get her is the luckiest person ins this world!

Viann Zhang Xin Yu is the most famous model in China right now as far as I know. Just look at her body and you know why...

She is not that tall in fact but her body and leg is extremely hot and sexy. Her height is just 169 CM and weight is 49 KG. Body measurements is 89-61-88 cm. Hehehehe... it is D cup.

She was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu China - 1987  and currently is 23 years old. She is not married too!!!

I've been thinking, any girls that I've posted in this blog can be used to compare with her is only Elly Tran Ha.

Well, I think I will still rank Zhang Xin Yu higher than Elly Tran Ha. The body ratio for Zhang Xin Yu is just nice and looks perfect as compared to Elly.

There are people asking her whether she has done any cosmetic surgery and her reply is she does not against cosmetic surgery and mentioned the photoshop technology is more advanced than cosmetic surgery. So did she really deny it?

She only admitted she has you Botox...

Hope you enjoy her! :) Make sure you clean it up after you...

P/S: Her wiki profile in Chinese: 张馨予. She has a facebook fan page and I think it is the fake one so I"m not going to introduce it here. But anyway, you still can Google her name "Zhang Xin Yu", you should able to find the page and you can become fan if you wish.

Let's check it out this lady, I love her voice - not powerful but she has a cute and clean voice. Most importantly, I love pretty lady who can play guitar well! :) She is from Xian, China.

I visited Xian, China few months ago and surprisingly, I have seen many sexy hot pretty and fair lady on the street. I said "surprisingly" is because I have never thought of China could be that open...

Open as what I mean is dressing sexy and expose. Of course, I love them....

Somehow people thought she is from Taiwan, perhaps she looks like Taiwanese? But her fans for China will be damn pissed off you say she is from Taiwan...

Well enjoy! Nothing special about her body, just like to watch her play guitar and listen to her innocnent voice....

She has another name called "Pixie Tea", and you can find her account in facebook if you really interested in her. :) or you can also subscribe to her youtube account with user name: "trenzsha".

p/s: Her wiki profile (in Chinese): 张萱妍

Rachel Kan Mo Wah - 簡慕華

Posted by JoyceL | Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm not sure why Rachel Kan is not really that famous in Hong Kong. She started her acting career in TVB after she joined the Miss Hong Kong in 2000.

I not only like to look at her and I think she has unique voice too. If i'm not mistaken, she has never been the main actor in the any of the TVB series. This is really unfair to her or she doesn't really care?

I love these 3 photos of her, hope you will enjoy too... Yeah, sexy short! Yummy, yummy! Kakaka...

Actually I have been thinking whether I should upload this photo because of this fella but on the other hand, I think this is one of her greatest smile photo. Anyway, here you go and hope you guys like it.

p/s: Her wikipedia profile(in Chinese): Rachel Kan.

I watched a movie called "Triangle" - 2009 film few weeks ago and extremely love the story line of this movie. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommended you guys to watch it.

Well, the lead actress is Melissa George acted as Jess in the movie. Is she pretty? I think she is, but not every single picture of her I like (e.g. her photo in wikipedia is really suck).Here are some of the photos that I shortlisted which at least I don't feel bad.

Here is the best photo of her! IMO.

Here is the second best photo of her! IMO.

When she started her career in early stage, she was featured nude in Australian Playboy. Maybe if you guys interested, you can try google about it. I'm sure you will find something that you can enjoy.

This is how she looks like when young...

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Melissa George