I just realized I've never posted any pretty girls from Korea and this is the first one! :)

I love Korean's fashion! Their food, so yummy! and of course those pretty girls! But they said those pretty girls are fake due to prastic surgery. How true is this?

Is that really matter? One thing I like about Korea city is, the city is so clean! I can't find a single rubish in the city and yet I don't find any dust bin too.  Kudos, to you guys man!

I ike this kind of picture. Not the sexy type but I think you know that I mean. The photo was featured for Fila Sport and taken in New Zealand.

So, what do you think so far for Lee Hyori? I know you like asian because I like them too. Hahaha!!! I haven't listened to her song before and will listen to it one day. :)

P/S: Her wikpedia profile: Lee Hyori