Hannah Tan from Penang - Part 1

Posted by JoyceL | Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yes, Hannah Tan or Hannah Sarah Tan or  "Hannah T". It seems like in Malaysia when someone is getting famous, short form of the name is used.

Well, Hannah is not really my type but I can't deny that she has a great body. Well look at her yourself below and what do you think?

You must be wondering too why she has a Chinese name but doesn't look like Chinese. Indeed she is not a pure Chinese. She is a mixed blood between Chinese and Kelabit. Does Hybrid always has a great smile?

Huh, Kelabit? What race is that? I have no idea too and this is what Hannah said during one of her interviews:

"It’s one of the native tribes in Sarawak. In East Malaysia alone, there are more than 10 different ethnic groups"

She also mentioned "Kelabit" race is the among the seven most intelligent tribes in the world? How true is this?

However, if you still confused with the "Kelabit" race, you can assume it is kind of similar to Malay then. :) In certain extend, she does look like a Malay...

Hehehe... Swimsuit, what do you think? Do you think she looks like Kelly Hu?

P/S: Her wikipedia profile here: Hannah Tan

If you guys don’t know who is Bobo Chan (Man-Woon) - 陳文媛, you probably not from Asia. Initially I also do not know who she is until the famous sex photo scandal being released by this fella  - Edison Chen in Feb 2008.  Wow it has been more than 2 years, time flies!

There are 3 main victims here – Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung and Bobo Chan. You know what, I love Bobo Chan the most among them although she is not that famous as compared to 2 of them.

Surprisingly, Bobo Chan’s profile can also be found in Wikipedia too. I guess they wrote about her after the photo scandal incident. There even has a whole wikipedia article to talk about this “photo scandal” in details.  You can find the link in Bobo’s wikipedia profile if you really interested to know the detail.

If I have to give rating, assuming Bobo Chan is 10. I will probably give Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung 8. Think of it, they’re pretty too. Perhaps what I really like about her is “She Doesn’t Really Look that Wild” which trigger me to think she is better than the rest. I know some of you may say Gillian Chung but I can see through that Gillian is wild! lol!

I love all these photos . Hope you enjoy too… Wait, can you really see the wildness in her photo below? So cute & innocent...

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Bobo Chan

Let me introduce you an almost perfect girl that I found in the past few weeks. Her name is Elly Tran Ha and her real name is Elly Wan Kim Hong. In Chinese, she is called "阮金紅".

The reason I said almost perfect is her body is really perfect to anyone except for her height. But of course, if I were given such a nice body, it is okay for me no need to be that tall. I"m sure you guys agree with me.

So, what do you think so  far? The hardest part for me is to take the photo of her that I like most because I can't find any. Almost all her photos just turn me ON no matter what. She is just over my expectation....

She is mixed blood between American and Vietnamese and born in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 08 June 1987. Her height and weight are 168cm and 47kg. Her body measurement is 88:58:90! How nice!

She moved to Shanghai in 2000 then to New York City in 2005 and recently came back to Vietnam in 2009. Do we really care?

I read some of the comments that mentioned few negative thing about her such as, fake body and fake boobs and some even worst, they mentioned she used to be a "male". What?

Anyway, I'm not sure those statements are correct or wrong but if you want me to choose, I think her body is "real" and she is the "real" female too. I can't see any defect in her body, so I don't think she is fake. :)

Btw, I can see the underware shape here which make this photo sexy IMO.  I"m not sure about you...

So, what do you guys think? Real of fake? or you don't care at all? Hahahaha....

Which part of her body you like most? Okay, okay I think I like her breast the most. Her breast is just beautiful. Let's see the close up...

I will be suprised if you tell me you don't like what I like about her body. Anyway, I think usually you don't see this kind of body in for Asian.

That probably leads to people think that she is fake. I really hope is she is real.

[Update: 9 Oct 2011]: Check out my latest post on: Watch Elly Tran Ha in Real Person! :)
p/s: Her wiki profile here (in Chinese)