Girls Are Arts - Here is the proof!

Posted by JoyceL | Friday, September 16, 2011

I simply love this art. Don't you think that is awesome? Hope you guys will like it too. Check it out!

Although today is holiday but I still need to work. Too bad... sad. Enjoy your weekends! Anyway, hope you enjoy this girl although she is not the real one. That's why it is called "Art".

Source: Unknown

Doctor Hayden Kho is such a lucky person because he  had at least 40 sex videos with so many actresses. Katrina Halili is one of them and this is how I know about her. This happened in May 2009.

Katrina Halili is a Filipina sexy and hot actress in Philippines. Anyway, just check out her wikpedia profile. Sometimes I wish I could be like those actress, can simply have fun here and there! Nice right?

These 2 photos look innocnent! But think of it again, who is now still innoncent? No more already... Enjoy!

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Katrina Halili