Race Queen From Asia - Part 1

Posted by JoyceL | Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything lately because I"m busy with relocating and yet I'm still in progress. Just feel like want to post something here before I take my vacation next week. Here you go, race queen!

Not many pictures, but I like all those pictures. Especially for Asian race queen, they're just the best. I hope you enjoy it too.

By the way, are these legs meeting your expectation? Which one you like the most? :) It seems long but maybe it is a wrong impression. It doesn't matter to me, I like all of them. Have a nice day!

Source: Unknown

孟雪 from 非诚勿扰 TV Show in China

Posted by JoyceL | Sunday, June 23, 2013

She is one of my favorite pretty girls in the very famous TV show in China, Fei Chen Wu Rau - 非诚勿扰 / "If You Are the One". She has already been taken for quite sometime. What a lucky guy!

Just miss her, so I will just blog about her. Here are some photos of her in the most natural way. Enjoy yourself!

She is also quite tall, 176 cm. :) Always love tall and pretty girls!

This one is I like the most. Yeah, office lady! Indeed, she is. She holds master's degree and work as a media company account director. Cool, isn't it?

Take a closer look at this video at her if you want to know more about her. :) Her look without the tick make up is way better. No make up is the best!

P/S: Her wiki profile in Chinese: 孟雪

Look-alike Yanzi - Misaki Ito From Japan

Posted by JoyceL | Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I"m quite sure many of you do not know who is her because she is my generation. LoL! :) She is no longer famous now I think. She looks very similar to Sun YanZi (Stefanie Sun), a very famous singer from Singapore. Don't you think so? But of course, Yanzi won't dress so sexy and hot like her.

Her real name is Tamako Anzai, Japanese actress and model from Iwaki, Fukushima. I"m not sure if she is still active now and it seems like not active anymore after her marriage to a Japanese director. I always feel lucky and admire those movie directors, what a great job!

Anyway, she really very pretty and sexy! Imagine if Yanzi dress sexy, it will be exactly like this. lol!

Hope you enjoy those pictures and happy new year 2013! Sorry that I was not able to update this blog frequently due to my busy schedule in 2012. But moving forward in 2013, updating this blog will be even not frequent. So sorry...

Anyway still, I will try my best to make an update when my mood comes. Like this one, it is just out of sudden that I feel like want to blog about Misaki Ito and I think that would be very beneficial since many of you don't know about her.

Happy New Year, 2013!!! Wish all of you here Pretty and Sexy forever!!!

P/S: Her Wikipedia profile: Misaki Ito