I know her in this show - "美食大三通" and I really like her. The way she smiles and the way she talks are so comfortable, natural and funny. I also like the way that she can try out many different types of food in that show.

This looks like the actress from "那些年,我們一起追的女孩" movie, a Taiwan's movie about those school days.

Funny right? No?

But this is too serious already...

The most sexiest picture among all these, you know why. Kekeke...

This is the video of her Gyiyomi version which I find it quite funny and cute.

P/S: Her wikipedia profile in Chinese: 夏于喬

This is actually how typical "pretty" Asian girls look like. You can view the moderate sexy version of her here and the most sexy version of her here. Which type of version you like?

Do you like this version? They don't look like her, right?

P/S: Her wiki profile in Chinese: 张馨予.

This is moderate sexy of her but if you want to see the most sexiest part of her, you can view it in my previous post here

Well, I think still consider quite sexy in my opinion.  It just compared to my first post on her is less sexy. Enjoy!

P/S: Her wiki profile in Chinese: 张馨予.

Not many engineers can be a lifestyle blogger, Erica Ting is the first one I have seen. :) Let's check it out!

Sexy swimsuit!

A lucky dude but I think he is very handsome, have a very nice body too! :) I like. :)

Smooth at the back too, not bad... lol!

I like this shirt! Kekeke...

The best photos out of all these. Just wondering, where she fall after that? In the water? Cool...

P/S: All photographs here are owned by Erica Ting. You can like her facebook fan page to see the latest photos. Enjoy! :)

Nice Legs Photos from Western - Part 1

Posted by JoyceL | Saturday, February 15, 2014

Here are some of the nice legs photos from the western world. Still, I think I prefer Asian's leg somehow. What about you?

Starting a new life in a new city is not easy, I will keep it up. Enjoy and happy Valentines day!

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