I wanted to blog about her for quite some time already after I first met her in was in Queensbay Mall while she was a laptop event show girl! Her name is Yumi Wong SK and she is a freelance model from Kuala Lumpur and I think she is the hottest freelance model that I know so far.

I will start with some natural life pictures of her, these are the photos that I usually like most.


Nice right? :) Now let's see some photos of her while she is working.

And now let's go for more hotter and sexier one! At least this is what I think as we can see her real body closer. :) lol. Hope you won't vomit too. :)

These 2 photos I also like very much. Don't you think these photos look like one of the actress in Hong Kong? Yes, Kate Tshui. I like her too and will blog about her next time.

Hope you enjoy her awesome photos, you canalso  follow her facebook and twiter accounts and I"m sure you can find the most updated photos of her.

Source: All pictures here are owned by Yumi Wong

I'm still very addicted to this song and dance. This is a female version by Kim Hyun-A, one of featured danner if the "Gangnam Style" MTV and this MTV is mainly for her female version of "Gangam Style". Love her sexy dance! She was used to one of the members in "Wonder Girls", South Korea girls group.

But if you asked me which videos so far that I like most, I think is the following one which I found that that those girl dancers are really enjoying while they are dancing on the stage. This is not like other concert and MTV videos, where those girl dancers do not really seem enjoying. Of course, I meant in terms of comparision. The part that I like most is when those colour girls come out to dance! Really awesome!

Hope you have a nice weekend! Enjoy, this video makes me miss my travelling to South Korea. I want to go there again!

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Kim Hyun-a

I'm sure you should know what is Gangnam Style as it is so popular in the globe now and many funny cover version comes out of it. But honestly, what I really enjoy is watching the sexy ladies dance there.

While searching around in youtube and I found this Korean Dance Team called Waveya is really damn awesome! I really enjoy watching them. I like the one with green short pants, I think she is the most skillful dancer and most beatiful one among the rest. Of course, sexy nice leg too.

This Gangnam style dance is so unique and very nice and sexy move. Most importantly it is so easy to learn, almost everyone can learn it easilly. Well, the nicest and the best concert video that I like most is below because those girls are simply energetic and they look so enjoyiny! The part I like the most is during those sexy colourful ladies come out. It makes me I want to listen to this video almost every night before I sleep!

Funny fella face, but I'm glad he can beome so famous not only within Korea but worldwide. Wish you enjoy it too, "Open Sexy Style"!!! Almost forget, I love the ending too. So cool! One more, I've been to Gangnam in Seoul too which makes me so proud also! lol!

Source: Youtube

Pretty Panting Chinese Girl Arts

Posted by JoyceL | Monday, August 20, 2012

I just want to share this from one my facebook's friends and I hope you are not dissappointed by this but this is "real" art. You should enjoy it if you enjoy pretty girls! :)

Not sexy type, and most of these pantings can be found on the Chinese's love novel. Somehow some of my friends every enjoy reading them especially during holiday like right now. Opss, 1 more day to go, then I have to work again! :( Bored...

Anyway, hope you enjoy this art! I love girls arts. I hope I can get non-Chinese painting arts also!

Source: Unknown

The exam is finally over and I"m not sure if I can even score. It is not the matter of passing or failing but I need to get the minimum score of 7 out of 9 in order for me to be qualified.

Anyway, here you go some photo of Anata Wang that I would like to introduce to you.

Here Chinese name is 王颖 and she is from Beijing, China. She is born in Oct 18, 1989. At first, I thought she is a Japanese but it turns out she is Chinese.

These modeling photo of her on bed is very nice and beatiful. I really enjoy watching them. Now, let's move to the pink... lol

I don't know how to describe. Maybe I should just say "Innoncent and Sexy" and maybe "Clean" too! lol

Source: Internet (Somehow her official blog is no longer valid and perhaps she is no longer active in the model industry. If this is true, it is very wasted. In case if you know where is her official website, feel free to share).

White Perfect Girl Art

Posted by JoyceL | Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sorry guys! I know it has been quite some time I don't have a chance to update any "leng lui" in this blog. For those of you who do know what is "leng lui", it means "pretty girls" in Cantonese.

Lately I have been busy preparing something in order to have bright future hopefully but I don't have the confident.

I hope you enjoy this white prefect girl art! I really like this art! Check out my previous post: "Girls Are Arts" too if you are interested in art like me. lol!

Source: Unknown

I found her few months ago whole browsing around but don't have a chance to share with you guys here. Apparently she was so famous expecially in South Korea but I"m not sure now. I hope she is still famous now because she is really awesome! Check it out yourself!

She was born in June 18, 1993 from Kowloon, Hong Kong. She then moved to China and become famous and known as the "Live Action Blow-up Doll"(充气娃娃).Some fans of her said sex toy instead! Look at her again, you will know why people want to think of her as Japanese sexy toy! lol

Her leg is so sexy, here are all the photos of her to show off her leg! So nice...

P/S: Her hudong wiki profile in Chinese: Wang Jia Yun