Demi 千又 from Taiwan

Posted by JoyceL | Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Demi Moore? Hahaha... I found her randomly and I think I like her but she is not Demi Moore of course. :)

Her nick name in Chinese is 千又 and I don't know her real name. Perhaps you can go ask her yourself! Hahaha...

Well, all these photos are when she just turns into 18. So nice, still young! I wish I could back to the future and become young again!

I rate her 7/10 or maybe 7.5. Hahaha... What do you think? Honestly, there are lot of pretty hot and sexy girls in Taiwan. I really like to watch them.

But for her first picture, I rate 8.5. The this last photo is 8.0! Wuakakaka...

P/S: All photos here are owned by 千又 (account no longer valid).

It has been quite sometime I didn't  post any really very really hot ladies photo and today is your lucky day. I hope your nose won't bleeding after watching these photos.

You know what? I really enjoying watching her post and her body. She is just perfect! Anyone who can get her is the luckiest person ins this world!

Viann Zhang Xin Yu is the most famous model in China right now as far as I know. Just look at her body and you know why...

She is not that tall in fact but her body and leg is extremely hot and sexy. Her height is just 169 CM and weight is 49 KG. Body measurements is 89-61-88 cm. Hehehehe... it is D cup.

She was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu China - 1987  and currently is 23 years old. She is not married too!!!

I've been thinking, any girls that I've posted in this blog can be used to compare with her is only Elly Tran Ha.

Well, I think I will still rank Zhang Xin Yu higher than Elly Tran Ha. The body ratio for Zhang Xin Yu is just nice and looks perfect as compared to Elly.

There are people asking her whether she has done any cosmetic surgery and her reply is she does not against cosmetic surgery and mentioned the photoshop technology is more advanced than cosmetic surgery. So did she really deny it?

She only admitted she has you Botox...

Hope you enjoy her! :) Make sure you clean it up after you...

P/S: Her wiki profile in Chinese: 张馨予. She has a facebook fan page and I think it is the fake one so I"m not going to introduce it here. But anyway, you still can Google her name "Zhang Xin Yu", you should able to find the page and you can become fan if you wish.