Sandy From Taiwan - My Spouse Type

Posted by JoyceL | Monday, August 31, 2009

She is definitely my type but just occasionally her make ups just screws up her face. Overall, I still want her to be my love partner of course. Her height is 168cm, blood type is A, and weight is 45kg. She is currently studying in University but exactly which university, I have no idea...

This is an example of make up that make her not so nice but overall it is still okay...

Wearing spec sometimes make you more serious, really true?

One of the thing that I like about Chinese lady is their legs, yes Sandy has the one I like... :)

Sexy dress... at least I like but I don't know you guys...

Coca-cola advertisement?

Of course, at the right. She is prettier in this photo. I like it...

This is the most funniest picture - look at her friends behind, she really looks like a "Ghost"... Maybe is the real ghost?

This picture of her does looks like a Malay. Don't you think so?

Playing with Web Cam now...

Sexy leg? Yes, USD 20 for touch... hahaha....

Source: All pictures here are owned by Sandy.

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    Thanks, baby! :)

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