At first when I looked her, hmm~~ nothing special at all but after a while thing changes.. This always happens to me anyway. :)

Perhaps I like her character in Finge. Yeah, season 3 is now showing and I really enjoy the show now.

Olivia Dunham from another universe but I still prefer the her from original universe. Sorry, you have to watch the show and you will know what I'm talking about.

Anna Torv was born in Melbourne and got her degrees in performing arts in Australia. I don't think she is famous at all until she act as FBI agent Olivia in Fringe TV series.

She somehow looks different in this picture...

Getting sexiest and sexist,

Until I can't really believe that can see thourgh her! The last picture doesn't look like her too but it is her..

Enjoy! I continue to watch my Fringe show now! :) Hehehe...

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Anna Torv