Amber Chia Model from Ipoh - Malaysia

Posted by JoyceL | Monday, December 27, 2010

Well, I still remembered when I first met her person in real was in Penang when she was eating in a restaurant called "Bukit Genting". It is on the way to "Balik Pulau" and this restaurant is on top of the hill. Nice view anyway! :)

That was the first time I started to like her. I'm not sure why, I prefer to see her real person rather than her photographs. Maybe I think she is more prettier in real. I think so...

Oh, I know why. I almost forgot. I love tall lady!!! :) and thin too perhaps.

Amber Chia (谢丽萍) was born in Ipoh and brought up in Tawau, Sabah. I wonder if I have met her before because I studied there before. Kakaka....

How nice if my girl friend can wear like this? :) I really like this costume! Can you believe this picture was taken just after she gave birth?

Somehow I find that she is sexy and hot while pregnant too. Enjoy watching and I love her face without make up too. Wish you have a happy life forever!

P/S: Her wikipedia profile is here and all photographs here are owned by Amber Chia.