Her Chinese name is 陳敏之 and as usual I always learn about all these pretty girls through Hong Kong series video. At first sign, I was not really impressed by her look but after seeing her for quite some times, I think she has a very good body shape and thin. What I mean here is, I like her body than her face. :)

She has a thin body, thin leg. That's what all I like about her. Nothing else... :)

White colour? Hahaha... Is that real?

This is the best picture I like most. As some of you may know, I like people dress in casual and sexy because that's the most natural way...

Nice and thin leg isn't it? Diagree? Between her leg and Koni Lui's leg, which one do you prefer? :)

Opss... I almost forgot. I like about her English name too. Sharon Chan reminds me a lot of memories.

P/S: Her wikipedia profile (in Chinese): Sharon Chan