I’m not sure why so many people hate her. Some of the reasons are, her face (specifically her nose) is fake due to plastic surgery and the information that posted in her blog is also fake.

This caused that her profile in wikiepedia was deleted. But honestly, I don’t give a damn as long as I like to watch her!

She is also known as Dawn Yeo or her nick name “ClapBangKiss” – nice nick anyway! According to the deleted wikipedia profile, she is born in Dec 5, 1984.

That’s all the information that I have. Yes, she is sexy and hot! That’s why I love her.

She has nice leg too. I really enjoy watching her leg! I honestly get turned on by the her dress make her even more hot and sexy.

I simply love this picture and obviously you can tell she doesn’t wear bra!!!

What a lucky guy!!!!!! Whose hand is this??????

So nice isn’t it if she could be girl friend and cook breakfast for me everyday in the morning. Very sexy from behind. Kakaka…

Nice tongue! That’s why I love this picture. You know what, this tongue is so sexy! It makes me want to…

Well, picture in bed is always sexy. I love it!

Source: All pictures here are owned by Dawn Yang