I suddently feel like want to blog about her because she is a very important person in my life. She is the first girl who turned me on because the first nude picture that I saw in my life is her !!!! :D

Perhaps you may not aware, she is my generation. Ya, that means I"m getting older too like her but she is still older than me! Luckily! However can you tell she is old in this picture? No, I think you can't! Kakaka...

At first, I thought she was a Japanese lady because she started her career in Japan. Is it true? Maybe is Taiwan according to the wikipedia but I always thought she was a Japanese girl anyway. After awhile, I only realized she was in fact from Taiwan. :)

Well the fact is she borns in March 19, 1975 in TaiChung, Taiwan. Wow, Taiwanese lady again! I have a Taiwanese lady friend here in Malaysia but she doesn't look like the Taiwanese impression that I have at all. How come? lol

I hope you enjoy all these photos here and those are the my selected one! Enjoy! Although (honestly) I still prefer her younger time, she stil looks pretty now. It is a different kind of feeling...

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Vivian Hsu