Malaysian should know about her either from ASTRO AEC or the MY FM radio. She was graduated with a Diploma in Media Studies from TAR college.

Well, she is very thin I would say. As thin as Sun Yan Zi and not bad doing a modelling too. She have an nice thin leg too…

I feel this picture is sexy or many is horny. lol!!! I think she is just tired perhaps. :D Sometimes I feel like she looks like Cecilia Cheung from Hong Kong. Do you?

Surprisingly, there is no wiki profile that talks about her. Perhaps she is not famous enough as compare to other actress. For the FAN of Mei Yan, I think you guys should start driving for it to create one for her in wikipedia!!!

Is she sexy? Not really, right? Is She pretty? Yes, I guess so. How about her body? I think it is okay but definitatley there are  better ones. Nevertheless, I still love her very much!!! Enjoy…

Source: All pictures here are owned by Gan Mei Yan