I'm still very addicted to this song and dance. This is a female version by Kim Hyun-A, one of featured danner if the "Gangnam Style" MTV and this MTV is mainly for her female version of "Gangam Style". Love her sexy dance! She was used to one of the members in "Wonder Girls", South Korea girls group.

But if you asked me which videos so far that I like most, I think is the following one which I found that that those girl dancers are really enjoying while they are dancing on the stage. This is not like other concert and MTV videos, where those girl dancers do not really seem enjoying. Of course, I meant in terms of comparision. The part that I like most is when those colour girls come out to dance! Really awesome!

Hope you have a nice weekend! Enjoy, this video makes me miss my travelling to South Korea. I want to go there again!

P/S: Her wikipedia profile: Kim Hyun-a