I'm sure you should know what is Gangnam Style as it is so popular in the globe now and many funny cover version comes out of it. But honestly, what I really enjoy is watching the sexy ladies dance there.

While searching around in youtube and I found this Korean Dance Team called Waveya is really damn awesome! I really enjoy watching them. I like the one with green short pants, I think she is the most skillful dancer and most beatiful one among the rest. Of course, sexy nice leg too.

This Gangnam style dance is so unique and very nice and sexy move. Most importantly it is so easy to learn, almost everyone can learn it easilly. Well, the nicest and the best concert video that I like most is below because those girls are simply energetic and they look so enjoyiny! The part I like the most is during those sexy colourful ladies come out. It makes me I want to listen to this video almost every night before I sleep!

Funny fella face, but I'm glad he can beome so famous not only within Korea but worldwide. Wish you enjoy it too, "Open Sexy Style"!!! Almost forget, I love the ending too. So cool! One more, I've been to Gangnam in Seoul too which makes me so proud also! lol!

Source: Youtube